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The company was set up around a central core of regional entrepreneurs whose common denominator is the possession of the resource or raw material needed in the production process. The only partners outside this feature are FAEN, which represents, as a regional energy agency, the boost to the biomass sector and the need to comply with the objectives of production and consumption of renewable energy, and the "Sociedad Regional de Promoción del Principado de Asturias" (Regional Society for the Promotion of the Principality of Asturias). Pellets Asturias has been created as a Private Limited Company, with the purpose of having the legal personality required to implement all agreements and actions needed to deal with the proper development of this project.
We are at the disposal of the professionals of the sector.

Catalogue of Pellets Asturias, S.L. (6,87 MB)


The Association for the Forest Spanish Certification has granted Pellets Asturias the license for the use of the PEFC mark.

Licencia_marca_PEFC.pdf (1,21 MB)


  • Maderas García Hnos, S.L.
  • Maderas Navelgas, S.L.
  • Grupo Canastur 1989, S.L.
  • Tinastur, S. Coop. Ltd.
  • Maderas Siero, S.A.
  • Fundación Asturiana de la Energía
  • Sociedad Regional de Promoción del Principado de Asturias